Before we dive into the meat of this post I wanted to invite you to read my Easy Guide to Finding Natural Chemical-Free Personal Care Products. This post is in many ways a companion to that one. I know how it feels to be convinced you need to make a healthier choice but then just have nowhere to start. The guide was created to bring awareness to the problem of chemicals in personal care products. And this post is a “see how i did it” post where you get to take a peak into my bathroom and check out my toiletries and investigate the brands that I use and enjoy. They might not be perfectly chemical-free but they are all a healthier alternative to the typical chemical-laden ones known to disrupt hormones, increase toxic load on the body and over-stress your adrenal system. If there are any down sides to these products I promise to be as honest as possible about them.

It might also be helpful to point out that I have pale skin and naturally wavy hair. If you are similar, some of these products might work great for you, but if you are significantly different from me in skin tone or hair type, these products might not be as well suited for you.


It’s worth pointing out that the regular shampoos that include sulfates and parabens are designed to strip your scalp of natural oils. So a day or two after washing when you notice your scalp getting oily you will run back your shampoo. Natural shampoos without these chemicals allow your hair to hold onto their natural oils and over time they regulate out so that you can easily wash your hair 1-2 times per week and have it look nice. Expect a little bit of a transition period in your hair as it is able to adjust to not having your scalp stripped of those oils every day or two. But within a month or so it should level out.

Okay, on to what I use and love… Like most females I know, I have a couple that I use in my rotation. My go to standard is the unscented shampoo from Desert Essence Organics. But my current favorite is Charcoal with Citrus Oil Purifying Shampoo by Hask. My hair feels amazing after washing with this shampoo. If you have any damage to your hair, this charcoal wonder will give you soft locks in no time.

Body Wash

I haven’t been super picky about my body wash… as long as it doesn’t have nasty chemicals I’m good with just about anything that helps me not smell bad really. But overall I tend to use the JĀSÖN brand because it’s so easily available I can usually find it locally. Currently my bathroom is stocked with the Rosewater variety. I also appreciate that this brand has such a large quantity for sale so it lasts a long time!

Facial Cream

This is one of my few items that I knowingly paid more than I typically would for a facial cream. However, this has lasted me a long time and the quality for me has been worth it. It’s the Apricot Probiotic Cleansing Milk by Andalou Naturals. I am the first to admit that I don’t use it often, but every time I do it’s so enjoyable. And yes, it smells amazing!


Okay, time to come clean. I don’t actually use a moisturizer! What? Over 30 and don’t use moisturizer? Yep! Instead I have found that when you hydrate your body from the inside out you don’t need to rely on external creams to moisturize your skin. So I limit my liquid intake to only water, coffee and teas. I also cook with a lot of quality oils (primarily coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil). I also use MCT oil (derived from coconut oil but not a great option for cooking) in my coffee and drizzled over some foods as an extra layer of nourishing fats. It’s known to have all kinds of benefits including speeding up your metabolism and increasing your mental focus! These dietary supports help me nourish and moisturize my skin from the inside out.

But occasionally when I notice my skin getting dry because of cold/dry weather, a touch of dehydration, or excessive hand washing, I will use either straight coconut oil or jojoba oil to moisturize. Jojoba oil is especially beneficial as it’s chemical makeup so closely resembles that of the sebum oil which your skin naturally creates.


This is a toughie! So I’m going to share the brand I use now, but I before I do I just want to offer a small disclaimer. Every human body is different at a cellular level. This is especially true when it comes to sweat and odors associated with sweating. It’s very important to go natural with your deodorant, but it’s not an easy road to figure out which one is best for you. I have tried several over the last few years. Some worked better than others and some were absolutely not a good fit. I do strongly believe that the better your body is functioning on the inside, the easier it will be to find a good fit for you. This is because your sweat isn’t what actually creates the smell- it’s the bacteria on your skin. So when you are eating well and improve the overall balance of bacteria on your skin, you will likely not have as much stink to battle. Additionally, it’s important to note that stress-induced sweat does smell differently and no natural deodorant I am aware of will cover that.

Okay, with all of that explanation out of the way I will say I have been using the JĀSÖN Natural Tea Tree Deodorant for over a year now, which is the longest I have stuck with any other natural deodorant. I started using it during my last pregnancy, throughout my nursing journey and now that I have weaned, so it tolerated a good amount of hormonal shifts in my own chemistry. Unless my body chemistry shifts drastically or they tweak the formula (please no!) I anticipate staying with this brand for the foreseeable future.

For the Kids

For the most sensitive in the house, I usually use the Honest Brand Shampoo + Body Wash. It’s not “tear-free” like the other big name brands, but if you are careful about not getting it in your little ones eyes it can be very calming and safer on their skin.


What do you think?

Alright, I know this post might have been a bit personal. I mean, did you really want to know what kind of deodorant I use? But I hope that it is in some way helpful to pointing you towards some safe alternatives that fit within your expectations. Most of these products I have found in local stores at prices that I feel are within our budget.

Overall, I do find that we use less natural products over time so it tends to last longer. Enough about me though… what do you think? Does this encourage you to try something new? Did you enjoy this post and want to see more like it- perhaps a peek in my makeup bag or medicine chest? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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